1. What is .925 Sterling Silver?

    What is .925 Sterling Silver?

    If you’re going to be buying beautiful silver jewelry for someone special in your life, you’ll want to make sure that it is .925 sterling silver – the silver that professional jewelers considered to be the “real deal”.

    Tremendously more valuable than jewelry that is silver plated or jewelry that is made from stainless steel, you want to make sure that you are always purchasing sterling silver jewelry that has a .925 sterling silver rating. Anything else is subpar!

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  2. How to Wear Sterling Silver Bracelets

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  3. Shopping tips for Sterling Silver Wedding Rings

    Shopping tips for Sterling Silver Wedding Rings

    Choosing the right wedding ring is a very important part of the wedding preparations. Wedding rings aren't just ornaments; they hold a much deeper meaning. Besides the 'beauty' aspect of the wedding ring, one has to consider comfort as well. Since a person wears the wedding ring on a daily basis, it is essential to make sure that the wedding ring you purchase is comfortable enough.

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  4. What Makes Men’s Sterling Silver Rings So Popular?

    What Makes Men’s Sterling Silver Rings So Popular?

    In the previous years, men whole less jewelry and the most common was a watch and a wedding ring. Over years, men have started wearing jewelry, and there are tons of options to choose from. Therefore, you will see more men wearing the sterling silver rings, and this communicates that it has gained widespread popularity. This increased adoption of the men`s jewelry is enough to cause attention so as to understand why it is that men wear them more nowadays. Here are some of the reasons why men`s Sterling Silver Rings have become so popular.

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